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Reduce Fuel Consumption without Losing Power with Husqvarna Ring Saws

Take on bricks and reinforced concrete with a ring saw from Lincoln Contractors Supply. Easily achieve incredible cutting depth, increasing your concrete construction productivity.

Husqvarna ring saws are powered by hydraulic gear motors for more efficient and maneuverable cutting. Adjust the support rollers for a more stable cutting experience. Reduce worker fatigue thanks to an ergonomic, low weight design. Anti-vibration systems also cut down on strain and discomfort for easier handling and control.

The more efficiently designed Husqvarna ring saw uses less fuel while still maintaining constant power. A fuel indicator actually shows how much fuel is in the saw at any given time, eliminating the worry of an empty tank. The unique cylinder design means the saw can function outdoors without slowing down.

Check out our ring saws in person at one of our nine convenient store locations throughout Wisconsin. We offer affordable used ring saws, saving you money without sacrificing quality.

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Husqvarna K3600 14" Hydraulic Ring Saw for 10" Depth Cut
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