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Get a Deeper Cut with Lincoln Contractors Supply Cut-n-Break Saws

Cut-n-break saws utilize twin blades to make cutting more efficient. The cut segments are then removed with an included breaking tool. This unique design is suitable for a variety of high-intensity construction jobs. These electric and gas motor cut-n-break saws are a revolutionary way to cut concrete deeper than ever before.

Created by Husqvarna, these saws use a double-blade design to penetrate deeper into concrete. Anti-vibration technology lets you comfortably hold the saw for longer while noise reduction measures protect your hearing. The electric cutter is ideal for indoor construction projects while the gas operated model has the power for outdoor work.

If youre working outdoors in the fall or winter, you can depend on the reliable DuraStarter and Electric Softstart to start up your cut-n-break saw in cold air for year-round efficiency. Maintenance is easy, these saws can last up to a year without replacing the air filters, thanks to the Active Air Filtration system.

New Husqvarna cut-n-break saws are an affordable solution when purchased through LCS Online. A used cut-n-break saw offers even more savings. Lincoln Contractors Supply used units are all tried and true with years of operating life left in them when properly maintained.

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Husqvarna K760 Cut-n-Break Saw

Husqvarna K3000 Cut-n-Break Electric Concrete Saw

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