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Personal Fall Arrest System Parts

Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc. is a distributer of contractor equipment to numerous major corporations and business all over the United States. When it comes to Personal Fall Arrest Equipment, we have it all, from anchor beams and anchorage plates to adaptors, connectors and anchor kits. Since we care about the quality of our fall protection equipment products, we only sell top-oftheline brands like DBI-SALA.

Anchorage connectors are just one of the parts making up a personal fall arrest system. As long as you know your ABCs, you can remember easy to use mnemonic device to check if you have everything to assemble your Personal Fall Arrest System.

The Fall Arrest System ABCs

A: Anchorage- a stable structure to which the anchorage is attached to
B: Body harness- the gear worn around the employee
C: Connector- also known as a lanyard, this is the piece which connects the body harness to the anchorage
D: Deceleration Device- a mechanism designed to deplete a substantial amount of energy during a fall arrest.

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