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Chainsaws feature high powered gas engines and custom chains, which have revolutionized the timber industry and construction sites. Lincoln Contractors Supply offers chain saws, guide bars, and chains capable of cutting through concrete, stone, wood and various other masonry materials.

ICS brand chainsaws feature easy starts, cooler operation, and dependable performance. Interchangeable chains will help you complete a variety of jobs with only one saw. Theres no need to switch between tools, saving you valuable time on your construction projects. A smooth chain rotation provides sturdy and safe operation.

Avoid industrial injuries with the innovative safety features of the chain saw. More and more models come with state-of-the-art anti-vibration measures and better handle design. These new features significantly increase worksite safety and productivity.

These chain saws are built to last through the toughest jobs and harshest work conditions. Our selection of used chainsaw models still have plenty of power. Consider a used chain saw to save even more on price or rent a chainsaw for a single job. Visit one of our nine convenient locations to get a hands-on feel for these tools.

Shop our quality selection of concrete saws to find products improving the efficiency of your next project.
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ICS consistently ranks as the leader in cutting edge chain saw design.  They have cemented their reputation as the premier concrete chain saw provider by continuously evolving their product line and pushing the limit of what is possible in concrete saws and blades.  ICSs line of guide bars is an excellent example of this philosophy in action.  This 14 guide bar is used on either the Model 680GC-14 or the 613GC-14 concrete chainsaws for smooth cuts and stunning results.

The ICS 513122 14 guide bar accepts 32 segment diamond chain saw chains and is constructed from sturdy and durable alloy steel.  Internal water porting helps keep the blade cool under use and maximizes component service life.  Hardened rails maintain steady and smooth operation and add an extra dose of toughness to this guide bar.  A durable inner bearing race helps smooth out overall operation of the chainsaw.

Buy this durable guide bar below and shop the entire selection of concrete contracting equipment available from Lincoln Contractors Supply, the trusted source for concrete tools online.


ICS has maintained its reputation as a leader in the concrete contracting world by constantly evolving their designs and creating revolutionary new products.  Force 4 blades are a great example of a revolutionary product from ICS which has taken the industry by storm.  The blades are designed to be the strongest and longest lasting in the industry.

The ICS 523080 15 Force 4 guide bar is used in conjunction with the Force 4 blades and saws to provide superior concrete cutting capabilities.  Designed for use with the 880F4 saw, this durable 15 guide bar is durable and resilient enough to handle all your concrete chainsaw cutting needs.  Dont trust your concrete projects to inferior tools which reflect poorly on your workmanship.  Serious professionals need serious professional tools and the ICS 523080 15" Force 4 guide bar is a fantastic addition to your tool set.

Buy this high quality guide bar below and shop the entire selection of concrete contracting supplies available from Lincoln Contractors Supply, the #1 source for concrete equipment online.


ICSs Force 4 system represents the cutting edge of technology in the concrete chainsaw industry.  Force 4 saws, blades, and guide bars work together to provide unsurpassed cutting power and precision.  This ICS 524490 16" Force 4 Guide Bar is designed to work seamlessly with the 695F4 model chain saw for superior cuts.  Take full advantage of the benefits the Force 4 system by investing in Force 4 components and see the difference this revolutionary technology makes.


Measuring 16 overall length, the ICS 524490 16" Force 4 Guide Bar delivers smooth cuts at incredible depths, creating a versatile platform for a variety of concrete cutting applications.  Made from the highest quality materials available the ICS 524490 guide bar possesses incredible durability and resilience.  Engineered for extensive service life, this guide bar will last from project to project, maximizing workflow and helping you get the job done correctly and on schedule.

Purchase this robust guide bar today and shop for all your concrete contracting tools at Lincoln Contractors Supply, the best online source for concrete equipment and supplies.


ICS has revolutionized the concrete chainsaw world with cutting edge designs and groundbreaking technological improvements.  Force 4 technology represents the culmination of years of design experience and technological advancement.  This system is designed to be stronger, more durable, and provide better cutting than traditional chainsaws and blades.  The ICS 525320 25" Force 4 Guide Bar is designed to work with the 880F4 concrete chain saw and a Force 4 blade for incredible cutting power and durability.  Force 4 blades feature 50% greater tensile strength compared to standard blades.  This increased strength leads to better cutting and far less breakage.


Featuring a 25 length and sturdy build quality, the ICS 525320 25" Force 4 Guide Bar provides incredible versatility when combined with a Force 4 chainsaw and blade.  Take your cutting to the next level by investing in a Force 4 system!

Buy this guide bar and shop the entire range of high quality concrete contracting equipment available from Lincoln Contractors Supply, your first choice for quality contracting equipment online.


Every so often a product comes along which is so ingenious and exceptional it revolutionizes entire industries.  The Force 4 diamond chain from ICS is such a product.  Using innovative technology along with ICSs reputation for extreme quality, Force 4 is truly a force multiplier for concrete contractors.  Increase your cutting efficiency while prolonging component service life by investing in a Force 4 system today.

The ICS 525342 15" Pro Force Diamond chain saw blade feature 50% greater tensile strength compared to standard blades.  A patent-pending pitch design strikes an ideal balance between weight and strength.  The new rivet design means less chain stretch leading to fewer stops for re-tension adjustments, improving workflow.  Deep engagement drive links enable smoother more accurate cuts.  A water distribution feature ensures optimal lubrication, ideal operating temperatures, and increased blade service life.  

Buy this quality diamond chainsaw blade today and shop the entire array of concrete equipment from Lincoln Contractors Supply, the most trusted online source for all your concrete tools and accessories.


The ICS 525343 15" Pro Force Premium L Diamond Chain is ideal for a wide range of difficult concrete cutting requirements.  Featuring industry-leading technology this blade provides exceptional cutting efficiency and superior service life.  ICS is known for designing some of the worlds best equipment for contractors and this diamond chainsaw blade lives up to their prestigious reputation.

Featuring Force 4 technology the ICS 525343 15" Pro Force Premium L Diamond Chain can handle the most grueling cutting projects and produce smooth, easy cuts time and again.  With 50% improved tensile strength Force 4 blades offer incredible durability and resistant to breakage.  A patent-pending pitch design creates the ideal balance between weight and strength, maximizing strength while minimizing weight.  A new rivet design leads to improved strength and less stretch over time.  This allows for increased intervals between tensioning and adjusting services.  Deep engagement drive links help keep cuts straight and accurate, minimizing waste material.  Upgrade your current concrete chain saw to an ICS Force 4 system and see the difference it makes!

Buy this unique and revolutionary chain saw blade today and browse the vast array of concrete contracting equipment available from Lincoln Contractors Supply.


ICS has a reputation for revolutionary design and building incredible quality equipment for contractors.  The ICS 525391 12" Rent Max 29 Diamond Chain is a prime example of ICSs commitment to providing contractors with only the best equipment.  The Max series diamond chains are designed to be the best general purpose chains available on the market and are loved by contractors worldwide for their resilience and adaptability.  With patented bumper design this blade offers extremely smooth and efficient cutting.  The ICS guide bars offer increased stability and strength for cutting difficult concrete accurately.  

ICS offers industry leading concrete chain saws which are durable, rugged, and powerful.  Upgrade your current system with an ICS saw or chain and you wont be disappointed.  Powerful, accurate cuts are made simple with ICS saws and blades.  As a contractor you wont settle for second rate work so dont settle for second rate tools.  Invest in ICS saws and blades today!

Buy this incredible blade today and shop all the concrete contracting tools available from Lincoln Contractors Supply, your top choice for exceptional contracting equipment.


ICS 525392 14" Rent Max 32 Diamond Chain for 680GC and 633GC chain saws

ICS 525495 20" Force 4 Sprocket

ICS 525496 Drive Sprocket Fits 633 &695 Gas Saws

ICS 529767 20" Force 4 Guide Bar for 880F4 and 883 chain Saws

ICS 531749 20" Pro Force Diamond Chain for 880 Chain Saw

ICS 531751 20" Pro Force Premium L Diamond Chain for 800 Chain Saw

ICS 537764 15" Power Grit Diamond Chain for 880F4 and 853 Chain Saws

ICS 537765 Power Grit 20" Chain Fits 880 & 853 Saws

ICS 71395 12" Guide Bar for 613GC and 680GC

ICS 71400 Twin Max 29 Diamond Chain.  Seal Pro diamond chain for 613GC chain saw.

ICS 71486 Twin Max 32 Segment Diamond Chain for 633GC

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