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Accurate measuring tapes and other measuring products are vital for any construction project. Builders, surveyors, carpenters and all craftsmen rely on Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. for top quality measurement tools.

Stanley tape measures feature high impact cases and durable, rigid tape with long standout and double sided hooks. High quality wooden folding rulers are available in architectural and engineering scales from Copper Tool and Marshalltown. Mechanical and digital measuring wheels by Keson accurately survey construction sites. Tape measure Contractor Packs each contain 4 tape measures and carpenter pencils, providing standardized equipment to your employees at reduced bulk prices. Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. is the best tape measure supplier for all your construction needs. No task is too large. Our glass blade tape measures reach up to 300 feet.

Shop measuring tape online or browse Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc.'s entire line of high quality construction equipment.

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