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Avoid Random Cracking with Early Entry Concrete Tools from LCS Online

There’s a lot at stake when working with concrete. A small mistake can cost you time, money, and your reputation. One of the most hazardous mistakes with concrete is cracking. It ruins the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the concrete. Early entry concrete saws are an effective way to prevent cracks and minimize the use of joint filler.

Early entry crack prevention involves carefully cutting into concrete while it’s still setting to prevent a build-up of air and stress, resulting in a crack. Lincoln Contractors Supply offers Husqvarna and Soft Ride early entry tools and accessories. The Husqvarna early entry saws are the only ones capable of ultra-early cutting due to their specially designed skid plate. Properly applied pressure on the skid plate keeps the saw steady, even as it encounters aggregate in the concrete, resulting in a consistently smooth cut.

To determine when to use early entry cutting saws, either step on or press the concrete setting. Once no impressions are left, it’s time to start cutting. The most effective cutting period will be about two hours between the initial set and the final set, so having the most efficient early entry cutters is a necessity.

LCS offers customers high quality, used early entry saws at incredibly cost-effective prices. Stop by one of our 9 Wisconsin locations to see which early entry cutting saw is best for your projects.

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Husqvarna 24G300001 Joint Protector for X4200 & X5000 Saws

Husqvarna 505398101 Pressure Block for X150 Early Entry Concrete Saw

Husqvarna X150 Early Entry Concrete Saw

Husqvarna X2000 Soff-Cut Early Entry Concrete Saw

Husqvarna X2500 Early Entry Concrete Saw

Husqvarna X4000 Early Entry Concrete Saw

Husqvarna GX4200 Early Entry Concrete Saw

Husqvarna 99V10500100 25LB FILTER PRECOAT

Soft Ride HSC100 Early Entry Saw Rack for the Husqvarna X750, X2000 and X2500.

Soft Ride HSC200 Early Entry Saw Rack for the Husqvarna X4000, X4200 and X5000.

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