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Originating in Australia, Arbortech strives to produce durable, efficient saws for woodwork and masonry. The AS170 Brick & Mortar Saw has a powerful motor for heavy duty jobs featuring newly developed Arbortech technology. The handle is capable of reducing vibration, drastically decreasing working fatigue and increasing workplace safety. Clean up is quick and easy because the Arbortech Brick & Mortar Saw features an attached vacuum for dust control.

Arbortech concrete saws have a wide array of accessories to cover specific job functions. Interchangeable blades make the AS170 a valuable addition to your workbench. The various parts are easy to remove and install, ensuring you get the job done quickly. Caulk removal blades and plunge blades make taking down a brick wall a breeze. Switchbox blades give workers the precision cuts and power necessary to create space for electrical outlets and switches.

The LCS employees at each of our 9 Wisconsin stores are experienced and knowledgeable with concrete work and are available to give expert advice on which tools produce the best results.

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Arbor Tech AS170 Brick & Mortar Saw

Arbor Tech BELT002 Replacement Belt

Arbor Tech BLAFG1110 General Purpose Blades

Arbor Tech BLAFG2110 Switchbox Blades

Arbor Tech BLAFG4110 Plunge Blade

Arbor Tech BLAFG9000 1/2" Caulk Removal Blade

Arbor Tech BLAFG9100 1" Caulk Removal Blades

Arbor Tech BLAFG9200 2" Caulk Removal Blades

Arbor Tech BRUSH17004 120V Carbon Brush. 2 Pack.

Arbor Tech BRUSH17005 Brush Holder. 2 Pack.

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