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This Wacker RD 12A-90 hydrostatic vibratory roller measuring at 1 Ton provides excellent ride-on roller performance. Dual drum drive and articulated steering capabilities provide superior mechanical control enabling this Wacker ride on roller to produce smooth compaction along curbs and other tricky obstacles. Curb clearance on right is 15.7 and 8.2 on left. Side clearance is measured at 1.9 on the right and 2.5 on the left. Drum width measures at a width of 35.4 and a diameter of 22. The rear drum remains static as the front drum vibrates, making this vibratory roller extremely proficient for asphalt and soil compaction. High frequency vibration, measured at 70 Hz, creates faster compaction speed while producing even coverage and outstanding results. The Wacker RD 12A-90 hydrostatic roller utilizes a pressurized water system to produce consistent water flow ensuring high quality finished results. The ride on roller operator is capable of adjusting water flow in eight different positions necessary to match environmental conditions. Maintenance service for the Wacker RD 12A-90 one ton vibratory roller is easily performed with front hood and rear platform tilt up capabilities. The RD series 12A-90 vibratory roller runs smoother and quieter than any other machine in its class making this the best suited ride on roller for every application. Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. has the highest quality soil and asphalt compaction equipment at the most cost-effective price.

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This Wacker Neuson RD 12-90 Hydrostatic 1 Ton vibratory ride on roller is equipped with articulated steering as well as dual drum drive for extremely maneuverable operation. Curb clearance is measured at 15.7 on the right and 8.2 on the left, allowing for smooth compaction to curbs and other possible obstructions. Front drum vibration combined with a static rear drum produces perfect soil and asphalt compaction in a variety of applications. This hydrostatic ride-on roller utilizes a pressurized water system which offers an eight position timer. Consistent water flow and a wide range of positions allow roller operators to adjust water flow to match environmental conditions.  The turning radius of the Wacker RD 12-90 vibratory roller measures at 96.5 making it perfect for both large and small projects.  With high frequency vibration and travelling speed at 5.4 mph, these ride on rollers deliver even and smooth compaction at a quick pace.  Maintenance and service are easily performed with rear platform and front hood tilt up accessibility. The air-cooled 2-cylinder gasoline engine in addition to reduced sound levels offered by the rollers makes this the quietest run machine in its class. Lincoln Contractor Supply provides this high quality hydrostatic vibratory ride on roller and other superior soil and asphalt compaction equipment at the most cost-efficient prices in Wisconsin.

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This Wacker Neuson RD 16-90 hydrostatic vibratory roller is equipped with a high performance Kohler diesel engine and features a standard foldable roll over protection structure for simplified storage and transport.  The dual drum drive provides articulated steering for superior control and accuracy. Easy maneuverability allows this ride on roller to produce a flush finish against curbs, landscaping and other possible obstacles. Curb clearance is measured at 15.7 on both the left and right for a wide range of possible applications. For the smoothest soil and asphalt compaction, this hydrostatic ride on roller utilizes a pressurized water system with eight position adjustments to accommodate environmental conditions. Adjustable suspension seating and an ergonomically designed operator platform provide maximum comfort and excellent visibility. The RD 16-90 vibratory roller has a travel speed of 5.8 mph for fast compaction speeds while providing smooth results.  A high frequency vibration of the front drum, measured at 70 Hz, in conjunction with a static rear drum provides the highest quality soil and asphalt compaction possible. This ride on roller is equipped with rear platform and front hood tilt up for easy access serviceability and maintenance. Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. provides a wide range soil and asphalt compaction equipment as well as the most cost effective contractor supply Wisconsin offers.

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This Wacker Neuson RD 12A-90F dual drum hydrostatic roller comes equipped with a Honda 2-cylinder gasoline engine for high performance.  With a standard foldable roller over protection structure this engine provides simplified storage and transport.  Dual drums measure at 35.4 in width and 22 in diameter for extreme accuracy and quality asphalt finish. Articulated steering in addition to dual drum drive increases control accuracy and maneuverability in a wide range of environments.  Overall hydrostatic ride on roller performance is enhanced with a pressurized water system.  Consistent water flow is available in eight positions for the roller operator to adjust according to environmental conditions. Flush compaction to curbs and other tricky obstructions is possible with right curb clearance measuring at 15.7 and left curb clearance measuring at 8.2.  A maximum travel speed of 5.4 mph allows for faster soil and asphalt compaction while providing even coverage. Front drum vibration of 70 Hz in addition to a static rear drum allows for consistently smooth compaction. The Wacker RD12A-90F dual drum vibratory ride on roller produces low sound levels making it quieter than machines in the same class.  For increased mechanic accessibility, the Wacker RD 12A-90F dual drum one ton roller is equipped with rear platform and front hood tilt up. Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. is dedicated providing high quality soil and asphalt compaction equipment and cost-efficient contractor supply across Wisconsin and the Midwest.

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The Wacker RD 27-120 hydrostatic vibratory roller is the ultimate answer to soil and asphalt compaction. Weighing over 3 tons, this ride-on roller will easily compress the toughest soils with breathtaking speed. This Wacker roller vibrates and compresses over 90,000 square feet in only one hour. With this impressive vibratory roller from Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc., a single crewmember can compact 16 acres in just one shift.

This vibratory rollers liquid cooled, 3 cylinder, 4 stroke diesel engine supplies an outstanding 32.7 horsepower for powerful soil and asphalt compaction. The two stage cyclonic filter prevents worksite dust and dirt from damaging your engines internal components.

The Wacker RD 27-120 hydrostatic soil compactor boasts a 13.5 gallon fuel tank and a 40 gallon water capacity, eliminating the need for frequent fill ups and lost work time. This Wacker vibratory compactor even features a foldable roll over protection system to prevent on the job injuries.

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