Trench Rollers


A Wacker trench roller gets the job done better than any soil compactor on the market today. This vibratory compactor features a central articulated joint to maneuver in trenches completely inaccessible to other trench rollers of this size. Perfect soil compaction for roads, sub foundations and trenches protects your construction project from shifting soil.

Wacker RT 82-SC Remote Operated Vibratory Trench Roller

Remote operation protects employees from harmful vibrations experienced by operators of manually controlled soil compactors. The lack of physical contact with the trench roller prevents fatigue and chronic injury caused by heavy vibrations. The Wacker Neuson vibratory trench roller enables unlimited operation so you can get the job done faster.

Wacker Trench Roller Safety Features

The Wacker-Neuson RT-82 SC vibratory trench roller boasts innovative safety features. The Smart Control system operates with front and rear facing infrared sensors which detect the presence of the operators control module. If the machine operator exits the trench compactors line of sight, the unit immediately stops moving and vibrating. The infrared sensors can also detect if the operator moves closer than five feet in front of the unit, which halts the unit until the operator returns to a safe distance. These features dramatically reduce the risk of worksite injury by completely eliminating the most common hazards of similar trench rollers.

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