Reversible Plates


The Wacker Neuson DPU4545HE 18 Reversible Vibratory Plates diesel powered engine drives its enhanced two shaft exciter technology. With convenient reversible locomotion, this machine ensures maximized satisfaction for compacting most soil types and asphalt. It has a maximum speed of 82 feet per minute, powering through any construction job at a rapid pace. The control handle makes this plate compactor simple and safe to operate. With one easy shift of the handle, the operator can switch directions or halt the machine for on-the-spot soil and asphalt compaction.

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The Wacker Neuson DPU 6555 Reversible Vibratory Plate provides you with the direct impact you need to compact those tough soils and asphalt surfaces. Its incredible force whether utilized forward or in reverse will get your site ready for concrete pouring in record time. It is safe and simple to use with an easy push and pull mechanism to control the direction of your plate compactor. Its large diesel engine ensures long term reliability on countless tough jobs.

This Wacker DPU 6555 compacts an incredible 12,841 square feet of soil every single hour. With one machine and a single operator completing such a large soil compaction area, this impressive Wacker compactor rapidly pays for itself.

The Wacker DPU 6555s incredibly powerful vibrations need to be mitigated for the operator. The specially designed Wacker Neuson operating handle absorbs the exciters rapid vibrations, lowering fatigue and increasing operating times. This high-tech handle protects your workers from harmful hand-arm vibrations.

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The Wacker Neuson BPU 2540A gas reversible plate compactor gives you the option for forward or reverse locomotion while compacting a wide variety of soil and asphalt types. This model compacts 69 feet per minute on up to 20 degree slopes. Built with a tough 5 horsepower Honda engine, this powerful yet compact machine is ideal for sidewalks, home foundations and road repair.

Dont let your foundation buckle, your sidewalk crack, or your road crumble. The Wacker BPU 2540A plate compactor provides complete soil compaction ensuring your structure wont have room to sink. Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. stocks the industry leading soil and asphalt compactors from Wacker Neuson. This models built-in wheels let you tilt the compactor back and push it around your worksite effortlessly.

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The Wacker Neuson BPU 3050A reversible plate with Honda engines versatile reversible plates are the ultimate solution for compaction of interconnected paving stones, trenches, landscaping and other construction tasks. The unique integrated wheel set makes it easier to move a reversible plate around any job site. This compactor can be easily stored in tight compartments with upright positioning of the handle.  Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. stocks only the best vibratory plates to make construction easier.

The BPU 3050A compacts soil and asphalt at a forward and reversible speed of 68.9 feet per minute. The tough ductile iron baseplate is extremely heavy duty and is reliable even under extreme situations, offering an extensive service life. This machine works hard on inclines up to 20 degrees, adapting to any worksite or soil compaction job.

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Wacker DPU5545He Diesel Reversible Plate Compactor.

The Wacker Neuson BPU4045A reversible vibratory plate sports a powerful Honda engine and a multipurpose plate for all compacting jobs. Replacement extension plates provide a variety of operative widths to meet extreme compacting demands. Invest in a reversible plate compactor from Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. and truly exhibit the machines performance potential.

The Wacker BPU4045A is great for multi-purpose jobs, including compaction for back fill for construction projects such as roads and parking lots. This vibratory compactors Honda-built engine is ideal for large areas and trenches. This outstanding Wacker compactor gets your contractor jobs completed fast with an easy to use push and pull reversible drive. Avoid difficult manual repositioning and just throw it into reverse for quicker and easier soil and asphalt compaction.

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