Scoop Shovels for Moving Loose Materials

Ames True Temper scoop shovels from Lincoln Contractor Supply are ideal for shoveling loose gravel, sand, grain, sand, and more. Available in heavy duty forged and tempered steel or lightweight aluminum. The handles are made of strong hardwood and feature comfortable D-grips.

Whether you need to spread some salt, or you’re shoveling heavy gravel, an Ames True Temper shovel is the perfect tool for the job. Buy or rent these shovels online or in store.

Reliable Ames Quality Shovels

These shovels are a far cry from the ones first made in “The Old Stone Shop” in 1808, but they’re still made with the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every Ames True Temper product is built to last and comes backed by over 200 years of experience.

Trusted Contractor Supply Across Wisconsin

Contractors and homeowners from Milwaukee to Wausau have trusted Lincoln Contractor Supply since 1956. LCS offers high-quality products and equipment for sale or rent at competitive prices. Visit one of our nine locations or shop online to discover why LCS is trusted across Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Locations:

Shop all shovels from the LCS Shop today.
Ames True Temper 13118 27" Eastern-Patten Steel Scoop W/ Armor D Grip

Ames True Temper 13120 27" Western-Pattern Steel Scoop W/ Armor D Grip

Ames True Temper 16303 38" General Purpose Shovel W/ Power D Grip

Ames True Temper 16501 27" Aluminum Western-Pattern Grain Scoop W/ Armor D Grip

Ames True Temper 16712 27" Aluminum Scoop W/ Armor D Grip

Ames True Temper AM-16807 POLY SCOOP SHOVEL

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