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Industrial air movers and dehumidifiers from Lincoln Contractor Supply help you maintain the environment in your work site. Youll find dehumidifiers and power fans of any size, powerful disinfectant cleaners and supplies, and useful logging software and equipment from Hobo.

Excess water can destroy material and equipment in enclosed spaces, causing water damage, rot, ice expansion and expensive repair costs. Our dehumidifiers and power fans are your heavy duty solution to unwanted moisture buildup. These powerful desiccant machines are sure to get any job done.

Use our disinfectant and cleaner concentrates to sanitize anything from hard, nonporous surfaces to wood framing and carpets. These excellent products kill bacteria, viruses and mold so your dehumidifier can prevent their regrowth.We carry a great variety of software and information technology products from Hobo, designed to monitor and log the temperature and humidity of your work site.

Shop our vast inventory of top construction equipment including quality industrial remediation equipment.

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