Trash Pumps

Lincoln Contractors Supply offers a broad selection of six trash pumps which are found on jobsites all over the world. There just aren’t any better-performing self-priming centrifugal trash pumps. They are perfect to handle all sorts of debris including twigs, leaves and pebbles. The specially-designed impeller allows the pump to handle solids up to a full inch in diameter. The pump will not grind up the debris. Rather, it will leave them intact and simply pass them through. If the pump becomes clogged, the clean outs are easy to open by hand. These are top-quality, long-lasting, top-performing trash pumps. Weighing only 96 pounds, the pump has a strong gasoline-powered 4.8 HP Honda Engine which is air-cooled, single-cylinder and 4-cycle. Each of these pumps is rugged and easy to service. It will be as top-performing, contractor-friendly and durable helper on any project site. Superior performance is enhanced with radial flow design. The housing is also durable, made from strong, lightweight aluminum. The entire unit is compactly designed for easy access. Trash pumps from Lincoln Contractors Supply will help clean out a wet, waste-filled area quickly and efficient, with little maintenance needs or unclogging.  If you have a general dewatering challenge which is cluttered with debris, these pumps can help with a wide variety of situations including: general dewatering of excavations, swimming pools, utility vaults, mining work, flooded basements, manholes or any place else where there is unwanted water. Contact the trash pump experts from Lincoln Contractors Supply for the specific pump which will be the exact answer you need for your dewatering challenge.

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