Diaphragm Trash Pump

If water can carry it, our diaphragm trash pumps from Lincoln Contractors Supply can probably remove it. When you invest in a quality diaphragm pump you’ll easily clean out a pond or pool where you have to deal with mud, leaves and weeds. When things like those need to go -- along with the water -- these diaphragm trash pumps are for you. The four different Diaphragm Trash Pumps from Lincoln Contractors Supply use a diaphragm to create a vacuum effect. Water-borne debris is not ground up but rather passed through intact. The sturdy design and top-quality manufacturing mean the pump will provide many years of excellent performance. They can handle solids of up to 1-5/8”. The Honda gasoline-powered engine is air-cooled, 4-cycle and single cylinder. The tires are solid rubber for excellent traction. The large size of the tires mean you can easily roll the trash pump over even rough terrain. The water flow is straight through so there is more capacity and fewer blockages. You’ll experience less downtime, cleaning or maintenance. The pump diaphragm is heavy-duty. The aluminum alloy body is very lightweight. It’s an easy unit to move and use. A surge chamber absorbs pressure shocks, helping to provide smoother pump operation. An extremely strong iron crankcase greatly extends product life. The transmission is oil-lubricated so there will be less time spent on maintenance. All parts of the transmission system are constantly lubricated to keep downtime to a minimum. These pumps are an efficient, powerful and durable answer when you need to clean out a messy water situation. For more information on diaphragm trash pumps, contact the water removal specialists at Lincoln Contractors Supply.

Wacker Neuson PDI2A 2" Diaphragm Trash Pump, Inline with Honda Engine

Wacker Neuson 2" Diaphragm Trash Pump with Honda Engine
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Wacker Neuson PDT 3A 3" Diaphragm Trash Pump with Honda Engine
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Wacker Neuson PDI3A 3" Diaphragm Trash Pump, Inline with Honda Engine

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