4" Submersible


4” submersible pumps

Lincoln Contractors Supply offers an outstanding selection of four tough, durable and powerful 4” submersible pumps. A pump like this is what you need when you have to remove a large amount of water fast. Choose the exact power system you need. Our 4” pumps range from 6 horsepower all the way up to 27 horsepower. These pumps work hard and long, delivering consistent top performance over an extremely long product life. They are specifically designed for the toughest professional applications when there is no substitute for the highest level of performance. Flygt 4” Pumps have a patented hydraulic system, fewer parts and strong, durable materials. Ergonomic design enables you to transport them more easily and quickly. Superb engineering and manufacturing mean you won’t have to worry about water problems causing excessive delays or needlessly adding to downtime costs. These pumps will help you get rid of water problems in the least possible amount of time. You’ll get back on schedule, and stay on schedule. Even water which is contaminated or containing sand or gravel will be no problem. When maintenance is needed, less time and effort will be required. Internal parts are easy to access for repair or replacement. To select the exact 4” submersible pump which will solve your dewatering challenges, contact the submersible pump specialists at Lincoln Contractors Supply.

Flygt 4" Submersible Pump 6HP 460V 3PH

Flygt 4" Submersible Pump BS228MT IMP 8.9HP 460 VOLT

Flygt 4" Submersible Pump 6HP 230V 1PH

Flygt 4" Electric Pump Package BS228MT 8.9HP 3PH 460V

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