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Power screeds and aluminum screed boards complete concrete finishing jobs a 2x4 wont. High quality concrete tools from Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc. help you get it right the first time. Achieve perfect even grade concrete slabs with a Somero laser screed for sale from Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc.

A vibratory screed mechanically agitates and levels your concrete surface efficiently and quickly. Aluminum screed boards are significantly lighter and more rigid than simple wood screeds. Wood screeds are naturally much more to bending than aluminum screed boards. These affordable concrete tools prevent sagging in the middle or sides of your concrete slab. When you need an immaculately level grade fast, a laser screed tool is ideal. This specialized concrete equipment uses repeated measurements from a laser level to grade concrete with a tolerance of a few millimeters.

Buy power screed concrete with high quality concrete finishing equipment from Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. or browse our entire selection of quality construction tools for sale online.



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