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Move material quickly and efficiently with a high quality rubber tracked power buggy from Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc. Perfect for light construction, our Canycom concrete buggy proves superior to any other option. The heavy duty rubber track system makes this excellent buggy easier to maneuver than a wheeled buggy. Sand, dirt, concrete and gravel transport effortlessly over uneven ground.

Wheeled buggies fail when rain and runoff create muddy conditions at your worksite. Wheelbarrows are even more prone to sticking in the mud and their carry weight is significantly less than a mechanical buggy. Dont wait for conditions to clear, and dont be forced to tug your wheeled buggy out of thick mud. Invest in a rubber tracked power buggy from Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. Our reliable concrete buggies have low maintenance costs, further saving man hours on your construction project.

Learn more about our rubber tracked power buggies or shop the full line of top quality construction equipment from Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc.

16 Cu. Ft.

21 Cu. Ft.

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