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Polyethylene plastic is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications, from floor protection and dust barriers to electrical tape and landscaping lining. Polyethylene sheets from Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. are available in thicknesses of 4 mil, 6 mil and 10 mil. These polyethylene sheets are light, durable and resistant to tearing. They're suited to anything from waterproofing gardens and landscaping to controlling dust in work areas.

ZipWall dust barriers provide the ultimate protection against worksite dust and debris. Clear polyethylene sheets permit light into the work area while creating a complete seal against dust. This durable polyethylene material is held up with modular dust barrier poles. A ZipWall dust containment system pays for itself by eliminating unnecessary cleanup costs due to dust contamination of adjacent living spaces, offices, and building exteriors. The ZipWall's modular polyethylene compartments fit together in any layout, proving a custom shaped dust barrier to any workplace.

Shop ZipWalls and other dust containment equipment from the knowledgeable polyethylene suppliers at Lincoln Contractor Supply, Inc. or browse our entire inventory of top quality construction equipment.

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