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Hoses provide a quick and efficient way to clean work sites, fill tires, transfer gases and irrigate landscaping. Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc. delivers several different types of hoses for home and workplace use. Count on us to provide the construction supplies you need to get the job done right.

Our full line of sandblast, gas, water and air hoses are from Anderson Pump, a trusted provider of high quality hoses. Sandblast hoses deliver a high velocity of sand to clean construction sites, warehouses and exterior walls. Air and gas hoses from Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc. make for ease of transfering these supplies for both commercial and residential use. Premium water hoses provide a high pressure supply of water for cleaning and irrigation.

Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc. also carries a vast supply of Punch Lok galvanized clamps, from 1 x 5/8 to as large as 6 x 5/8. Our line also includes locking tools for punch galvanized clamps.

Browse our full selection of construction equipment and tools including hoses and hose accessories from Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc.

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