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Heaters deliver several advantages on constructions sites. Large scale heaters speed the drying process for bonding materials like concrete. Quickly drying layers of concrete allows for the next building process to begin in a timely manner, keeping projects on time and on budget. Industrial heaters also create better working conditions during winter. A comfortably warm construction site, warehouse and other workplaces increases productivity levels.

Lincoln Contractors Supply, Inc. offers large industrial sized heaters from White Heaters, the most trusted name brand in portable heaters. Our selection includes natural gas, liquid propane and kerosene heaters. Our full line ranges from small heaters producing 17,000 BTUs to the powerful LB White Heaters 400,000 BTU Tradesman Heater. We also supply torches from White Heaters. Torches are useful on projects requiring soldering, heating or thawing of pipes and high heat output for brazing.

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